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Insurance & Payment Information

Benefits are confirmed prior to your visit.
You will be notified if a co-pay or deductible is due prior to your appointment.

Currently Accepting

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Additional Payment Options

Health Care Savings Accounts "HSA's"

Superbill- Submit to insurance to request reimbursement.

Here are the steps for submitting a Superbill to insurance:

  • Pay for the service.

  • Obtain a Superbill from me, which is a document that lists the services you received and the codes for billing. *This is sent directly to you after our visit.

  • Find an insurance claim form from your insurance company, which is a form that asks for your personal and insurance information.

  • Send the Superbill and the claim form to your insurance company by mail, fax, or online portal, depending on their preference.

  • Wait for your insurance company to process the claim and reimburse you directly.

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