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Smart Snacking

Post-Bariatric Nutrition Class

Comprehensive overview of the factors affecting nutrition, weight, and body composition after bariatric surgery. Realistic solutions, nutrition guidelines and sample meal ideas are included. 

65 minutes


Filling the Shopping Basket

Carbohydrate Counting for Diabetes

There is no "diabetic diet".

Gain confidence in reading food labels, carbohydrate counting, and meal planning.

52 minutes


Food Photographer

Advanced Carbohydrate Counting for Diabetes

Learn how carbohydrates, fat and protein affect your blood sugar and heart health. Understand terms, such as, Net Carbs and Sugar Alcohols.

Coming Soon
Kitchen Scale

Weigh Your Food, Not Your Body!!!

Gain insight into the limitations of weight monitoring and BMI. Realize the benefits of weighing food vs measuring or "eye-balling" portions. Learn the best method for tracking your progress.

Coming Soon
Person Carrying Shopping Cart

Reading the Nutrition Facts on a food label. What Matters Most?

Grocery shopping does not have to take hours when you know how to quickly evaluate the Nutrition Facts on a food label. Learn the most important information to look for based on your individual health concerns. Recommended brands from different food groups will be shared! 

Coming Soon
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